Social MediaHow To Add Music To An Instagram Post?

How To Add Music To An Instagram Post?

Perhaps you want to share music from your favourite UK singer and wonder how to add music to an Instagram post. Every day, Instagram users share millions of posts.

However, not every post can pique the user’s interest, engage them, and inspire them to act. Catchy music on an Instagram post is now a popular way to make your posts stand out. But how to do so?

Select your post in the post section where you want to add music. Choose the right arrow once you’ve done it. You can then add a caption and see the post preview. You will also get options to add music and geotagging to your post. The “Add Music” option lets you add songs. Click it. Next, press the checkmark.

This article will provide all the information you need when learning how to add music to an Instagram post.

How To Add Music To An Instagram Post?

Adding Music Directly Through The Instagram App

  • First, select what you would like to upload in the post section. 
  • Next, you will view an editing section. You can edit your picture or video by going to the editing station. After you’ve finished, click the right arrow.
  • Once you do so, a post preview will appear so you can add a caption. Adding music and geotagging to your post are also options.
  • You can add songs to your post by selecting “Add Music”.
  • Now, your post should feature a song that you have selected. However, remember that Instagram posts can only contain up to 15 seconds of music. The slider below your post will let you select the snippet you prefer.
  • Once you’ve finished, click on the checkmark at the top. Go ahead and post the song if you’re happy with it.

With the music now added to your post, you’re sure to garner more engagement and likes. But the real hope is that it will help you gain more followers, which are hard to come by.

If you need help to increase your Instagram follower count quickly and easily, you could consider purchasing Instagram followers. But do your research to ensure you settle on a trustworthy provider.

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Adding Music Using A Third-Party App

You can also try editing apps like VN video editor to add music to Instagram posts. Using a video editing app, you can convert an image into a short video rather than relying on Instagram’s music library. 

With video editing apps, you will be able to add music that is not present in Instagram’s music library. Here is how to use VN Editor to add music to Instagram. 

  • First, install VN Editor and open it. 
  • Press the “+” icon. 
  • Start creating your post from Instagram by selecting “New Project”.
  • Choose the image from the “Photo” tab of the file picker.
  • Tap “Original” in the top bar, then choose “1:1” or “4:5.” Instagram posts work well with these two frame ratios.
  • Next, Select “Music.” You can create your own without choosing music from the editor’s default effects.
  • The video is now ready for export.
  • You can adjust the video resolution and FPS by hitting the “Export” icon in the top corner of the screen. 


There is much more to Instagram than just sharing photos. Instagram helps you connect directly with your loved ones and share quality content.

Likewise, its users evolve as the app does. Besides being a photo-sharing platform, it is also a place where you can share your art and music and communicate with your friends. 

Because of the high usage of Instagram, app developers constantly release updates for Instagram. Adding music to Instagram posts is among the most recent features to attract more followers. 

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However, if, like many other users, you do not know how to add music to an Instagram post, this article will help.


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