Social MediaHow To Disable Restricted Mode On YouTube 

How To Disable Restricted Mode On YouTube 

Many YouTube users in the UK may not know how to disable restricted mode on YouTube. While this is not a problem, having no access to specific videos of interest may be displeasing. So how do you disable the restricted mode on YouTube for a better user experience?

To learn how to disable restricted mode on YouTube, sign into your account on your desired device. Go to your profile by clicking on the profile icon at the top right of the screen. Then scroll down. You will find the Restricted Mode option here, which you’re to click on. In the prompt that comes up, disable the restricted mode.

It’s a loss on your side to be unable to access specific videos. Therefore, you should remain with this video to learn how to disable restricted mode on YouTube.

What You Should Know About Restricted Mode On YouTube

Restricted mode can help you filter out content you may not want to have shown on your device. It is an optional feature of YouTube. 

A public computer system administrator, such as one in a library or university, may enable Restricted Mode. Contact the system administrator if you have entered the correct login and password and Restricted Mode is still active. Also, you can enable Restricted Mode through the Family Link app for your child. When you enable Restricted Mode in Family Link, your child cannot disable it on their signed-in devices.

YouTube identifies and filters out potentially mature content using a variety of signals. This includes the video’s title, description, metadata, Community Guidelines reviews, and age restrictions. Every language has a Restricted Mode option, but the quality may vary depending on local customs and sensibilities.

By default, comments on videos are hidden when Restricted Mode is activated. Since Restricted Mode operates at the browser or device level, it must be activated independently for each browser you use. However, restricted mode might not be best for you as someone attracting subscribers to your channel.

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If you’re running a YouTube channel and looking for ways to increase your subscriber base, you should ensure Restricted Mode is disabled. You should also consider buying subscribers, views, watch time, and comments to give you a leg up.

Learning how to increase your subscribers and views quickly and safely is easy. The most crucial aspect is ensuring you use the most reputed service providers available.

How To Disable Restricted Mode On YouTube

There is only one way to disable restricted mode on YouTube. However, it may have different adjustments depending on your device. Since it’s better to make such edits with a computer, the breakdown below will guide you through using a system:

1. Sign In To Your Account

Begin by logging into your account on your device. Remember, if you have multiple accounts, you’ll have to carry out the process on all accounts.

2. Go To Your Profile

To edit your profile, go to the top right and click on your picture.

3. Click Restricted Mode

You’ll find the Restricted Mode button near the foot of the page, so you’ll have to scroll down. Click on the button.

4. Turn Off Restricted Mode

To activate or deactivate Restricted Mode, use the toggle in the box’s upper right corner.


It is agreed that there are many advantages to Restricted Mode on YouTube, especially for children. However, it may not be the best for you. And as such, it’s a good thing you now know how to disable restricted mode on YouTube.

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