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How to Hack TikTok Accounts in 2023

How to Hack TikTok Accounts in 2023

TikTok is a globally popular social media platform focusing on short video content.

However, its immense popularity has also attracted the attention of cybercriminals and concerned individuals who may want to hack TikTok accounts to ensure safety or confirm suspicions. 

Knowing how to hack TikTok accounts can help defend against potential security breaches. Still, it’s important to note that hacking without consent violates privacy and could lead to legal consequences.

That is why we’ve compiled this guide on how to hack TikTok accounts to help you learn some new tricks and find the best spy apps.

How to Hack TikTok Accounts in 2023

Here are the best ways to hack someone’s TikTok.

1. TikTok Hacking Apps

1. uMobix

uMobix TikTok Hacking App

uMobix is a multi-purpose app that can track and monitor online activity. It benefits those who want to hack TikTok accounts or monitor their child or partner’s online behavior. 

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The app must be installed directly onto an Android device to be hacked, but it can be installed via the cloud on an Apple phone using iCloud credentials. 

Once uMobix is installed, users can access the dashboard from their device to view social media accounts, including TikTok, SMS messages, phone calls, location, and internet history. 

The app offers a demo feature to test its capabilities before paying for it. uMobix is a versatile and user-friendly app that is worth investing in.

2. EyeZy

eyezy TikTok hack

EyeZy is an app that allows users to hack and monitor TikTok accounts easily.

This app provides a clear overview of the activity within the targeted account, including videos and posts that have been sent, received, browsed, or saved. 

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The primary function of EyeZy is to allow parental control and surveillance of their children’s online activity.

To use EyeZy, simply download the software onto an Android device or iCloud and log in to your EyeZy account to access all reports. 

The app operates secretly on the target device, ensuring that kids remain unaware of its presence.

Moreover, the app is not limited to monitoring TikTok accounts; it also allows users to monitor web history, location, messages, calls, and social media activity. 

This includes tracking conversations on popular platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Viber, and Tinder.

The app features a user-friendly interface, making it accessible even to those with little to no technical knowledge. 

Overall, EyeZy provides an easy and effective way to monitor children’s online activity and ensure their safety.

2. Using Keylogging

The two applications mentioned in the article come with remote keyloggers, which are tools that enable recording every keystroke made on a device. 

These keyloggers are typically used to monitor the activity on a device, and in this case, they can be used to track the usernames and passwords entered by the device user. 

This is a serious concern for anyone using these applications, as the information being recorded can be accessed by anyone with access to the keylogger.

In addition to the keyloggers that come with these applications, there are also dedicated keyloggers often used by hackers. 

These keyloggers are designed to be installed on a device without the user’s knowledge, and they are often downloaded through deceitful links or concealed in files sent to the user. 

Once the keylogger is installed, it can record every keystroke made on the device, including usernames and passwords.

It is important to note that while keyloggers can be used for legitimate purposes, such as monitoring the activity on a child’s device or for business purposes, they can also be used for nefarious purposes, such as stealing personal information or conducting cyberattacks. 

This is why it is crucial to exercise caution when downloading and installing third-party applications or files and to only download from trusted sources.

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3. Phishing

A different way to gain unauthorized access to TikTok accounts is by using phishing emails. In this method, the attacker sends a deceitful email that looks similar to an email from TikTok to the target user. 

The email could convey a false message such as ‘your account has been blocked, please provide your details to unblock it.’

Once the user enters their TikTok login credentials in response to the email, the hacker can easily obtain all the necessary information to access their TikTok account. The hacker can manipulate and take over the targeted account with these stolen details.

This approach can hack into someone’s TikTok account, but only if the attacker is familiar with phishing and can create convincing fake emails and websites.

Is TikTok Hacking Illegal?

Unauthorized hacking of any online account, including TikTok, is considered criminal and legally punishable. 

However, there are certain exceptions to this rule. If you own a TikTok account and have lost access to it, you may be legally permitted to hack your account to regain control. 

This is not considered illegal since you are not attempting to access someone else’s personal information without their consent.

However, attempting to hack into someone else’s TikTok account without their permission severely violates privacy laws. 

Such an action can lead to legal consequences, including criminal charges and civil penalties. It is crucial to understand that hacking someone else’s account without their knowledge or consent is considered a form of cybercrime and a punishable offense.

It is important to note that hacking someone’s account without their permission is unethical, regardless of the reason behind it. 

Spying on your kids, spouse, or ex without their knowledge or consent is a clear invasion of their privacy, and it can have serious consequences on your relationship with them. 

Valid Reasons for Hacking a TikTok Account

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Hacking someone’s TikTok account without permission violates privacy and is generally considered unethical and illegal. However, in certain situations, hacking a TikTok account may be justifiable. 

In this part of the article, we will explore why people may need to hack a TikTok account and the ethical and legal considerations that should be considered.

Verifying Your Child’s Account

One of the main reasons parents may need to hack their child’s TikTok account is to ensure their child is not engaging in inappropriate or dangerous behavior online. 

Parents can monitor their child’s activity by accessing their child’s TikTok account and ensuring they are not exposed to harmful content or interact with strangers. 

However, it is essential to note that parents should have an open and honest conversation with their children about why they need to monitor their activity and obtain their consent before accessing their TikTok account.

Forgetting Your Password

Another valid reason for hacking a TikTok account is when you have forgotten your password. If you have forgotten your TikTok password, you can use various hacking techniques to regain access to your account. 

However, it is essential to note that you should only use these techniques on your account, not someone else’s.

Lost or Stolen Phone

If your phone is lost or stolen, you may need to hack your TikTok account to regain access to your account. 

In this situation, you can use various hacking techniques to reset your password and regain access to your account. 

However, it is essential to report the loss or theft of your phone to the relevant authorities and take appropriate measures to ensure the security of your personal information.


It is common for people to have a variety of reasons for wanting to know how to hack TikTok account.

 However, it is essential to note that hacking is illegal and should not be condoned. Despite this, if there is a particular issue that can only be resolved by accessing a specific TikTok account, there are options available. 

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Following a list of steps makes gaining access to the intended TikTok account possible. It is worth emphasizing that hacking should only be done when necessary and with proper authorization.