Social MediaIs The Champions League Final On YouTube?

Is The Champions League Final On YouTube?

If you love football, a question that may pop to mind is, “Is the Champions League Final on YouTube?” This year the UEFA Champions League saw 80 teams from 54 associations battling it out on the field. As a result, people from different corners of the world, including the UK, Australia, China, India, and the US, who love the game of football or soccer, enjoy the Champions League.

If you are in the UK, it will help you to know that BT Sports had exclusive broadcasting rights for the event. Although the Champions League Final was aired across the nation on BT Sport 1 and Ultimate channels, you may also watch it live on the BT Sport YouTube channel. There wasn’t any charge to watch the live streaming of the Final.

What Is The Champions League?

The UEFA Champions League happens to be an annual football competition where the different football clubs in the UK participate. Since it is organized by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), thus, the name. Some of the top football clubs in the nation participate in the annual competition. These include the likes of Real Madrid, Liverpool, Barcelona, Manchester United, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Bayern Munich, and Chelsea, to name a few.

This football championship happens to be one of the world’s most distinguished football tournaments. In Europe, it is the most crucial club competition where some of the biggest names in the sport participate and compete against each other. The UEFA Champions League was initiated in 1955 and is commonly named the European Cup.

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Is The Champions League Final On YouTube?

Are you pondering, “Is the Champions League Final on YouTube?”. If so, you should know that BT Sport has exclusive broadcasting rights to the UEFA Champions League in the UK. Therefore, you can watch all the matches of the UEFA Champions League on their channel and their app. 

Like every year, the Final of the Champions League was also streamed live on the BT Sport YouTube channel, where their followers could enjoy the event. Therefore, the UEFA Champions League Final can be viewed on YouTube this way each year.

Seeing such a premiere sporting event streamed live on YouTube for free is rather rare. Most YouTube sporting channels will offer highlights of past events. And they’ll require you to pay a subscription fee to view the live event.

Offering the public a live stream of the UEFA Champions League final is one way in which BT Sport boosts its channel. They know that it’s what the people want and that many will subscribe to their channel as a result.

But not everyone can live stream high-profile events to garner more views or subscribers. They’ll have to create amazing content all the time. Or they could opt to buy YouTube views and subscribers at a nominal fee. The latter would be the easier option and could be the key to monetization for many.

Will The Final Game Of The Champions League Stream On YouTube The Next Year?

The Champions League Final has been streamed live on YouTube every year on the BT Sport YouTube channel. This is because BT Sport has the exclusive rights to broadcast the event across the UK. As such, they may continue to stream the event live on their YouTube channel.


Many people wait for the UEFA Champions League every year. This annual event is one of the most significant sporting events in the UK, where some of the biggest football clubs in Europe participate. 

BT Sport has the broadcasting rights of the event in the UK, so they broadcast it on BT Sport 1 and Ultimate channels. You can also watch the live football games on their app and YouTube channel. Now you should have the answer to the question, “Is the Champions League Final on YouTube?”

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