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What Does FS Mean On Snapchat?

What Does FS Mean On Snapchat?

The acronym on Snapchat “FS“ is used to represent the phrases “for sure.“

The phrase “for sure” is used to express confidence. For example, you might say, “I am definitely going to go to the party tonight.”

In the same way, people use “for sure’ to make statements about things that are true. A person might say, “For sure, I saw him today.” Or, “For sure she does not like me.”

How To Use FS In Conversation

There are several ways you can use FS. Here are some examples:

• To show affirmation.

For example, let’s say you’re asked if you’ll go out with me tonight. If you know you’d love to go out with me, you could reply with FS. You don’t have to wait until the end of the conversation to do this; you can start responding with FS whenever you want.

• To express agreement.

Let’s say you agree with what someone says and you want to make sure they understand how much you appreciate them. You can use FS to tell them how great they sound.

• To give emphasis.

FS is a very useful tool for adding emphasis to your sentences. For example, you might use it when you’re talking about something that’s important to you or when you’re sharing an opinion.

When To Use FS

Example 1

  • Hey I missed class, can I use your notes to catch up?
  • fs I got you.

Example 2

  • Hey are you going to the pub to watch the football tonight? 
  • fs, I’m not missing that game for anything

The History of FS

For sure (FS) is a relatively new term when comparing it to the other terms we’ve discussed so far.

According to Urban Dictionary, the phrase “for sure” first appeared in a user-generated entry in 2016. So it’s probably safe to say fs started gaining traction around then.

Alternative Meanings Of FS

On Instagram they introduced a feature called ‘featured stories’ in 2016. People could be referring to this.

You could also use it when you’re angry or upset with someone and mean, “F*cks sake.”

Other people might use it when they refer to something being for sale, for example, cakes fs could be cakes for sale.

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