Social MediaWhat Does PU Mean On Snapchat?

What Does PU Mean On Snapchat?

Many are looking for an answer to the question, “What Does PU Mean on Snapchat?” Acronyms have become common on social media platforms. And people from different countries interact with each other on these platforms. Whether they are from the UK, the US, or other countries, the craze for social media has spread like wildfire. As such, slang and trending abbreviations can sometimes be lost in translation.

Social media provides an easy and quick way to communicate with friends and followers worldwide. Therefore, it is evident that people will use acronyms to save time and communicate faster. One of the popular acronyms on Snapchat is “PU”, the abbreviation for “Pop Up”. Although acronyms help save you time while communicating, they can often get very confusing for social media users.

What Is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a widespread multimedia instant messaging application developed by Snap Inc. users are allowed to share photos and videos with followers or contacts on Snapchat. These photos and videos are called “snaps” by the users. The primary concept of using Snapchat is that any content you share with others will be made available to the recipient for a short period. This temporary nature of the app was to encourage a natural flow of communication.

When Snapchat was introduced, it was aimed at person-to-person and private photo-sharing options. However, recently, you can opt for live video chatting, sending videos, and messaging others. In addition, there is a designated “Discovery” area where you will find short-duration content from some famous publishers, such as Buzzfeed.

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What Does PU Mean On Snapchat?

Visit any social media platform, and you will notice numerous acronyms being used by users. These acronyms help people communicate faster. However, using and understanding such acronyms may often confuse new users. For example, people often ask, “What does PU mean on Snapchat?”. Users also use the term “PU” in conversations.

“PU” is the acronym for “Pop Up”. Users use the term when they wish to receive some message from a specific person or anyone at random. For example, you may often receive notifications from others, “Feeling bored. Someone PU.” This means that person is asking others to message him. This information should help you answer the question, “What Does PU Mean on Snapchat?”


Times have changed, and so has the way for people to communicate. In this modern era, people communicate and stay in touch via social media platforms. Due to this modern communication technique, the languages people use to interact have also changed. As a result, the use of acronyms in modern-day communication has increased worldwide.

One of the most popular acronyms used amongst Snapchat users is “PU.” It means Pop Up and is used by users asking others to send messages or communicate with them. Although most people use acronyms on various social media platforms, “PU” is more favoured by Snapchat users. This information should clarify your doubts about the “What Does PU Mean on Snapchat?” question.

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