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Why Does Facebook Keep Logging Me Out?

If your Facebook frequently logs you out, you might ask, “Why does Facebook keep logging me out?”. The popularity of Facebook in the UK and beyond comes from its wide range of functions and benefits.

Though it is a beneficial social media platform, it has issues such as logging out automatically. It can be highly frustrating to be logged out unexpectedly while doing something important on Facebook. But why does it happen?

Facebook might keep logging you out because of a corrupted browser’s cache, so try clearing it. Also, there is a possibility that a virus or malware has been installed on your computer, causing this issue. Remember that the problem could also be a temporary glitch in the Facebook system; therefore, it may only be an issue for a short period.

This article will take a closer look at this issue and aims to answer the question, “Why does Facebook keep logging me out?”

Why Does Facebook Keep Logging Me Out?

Not being able to access your Facebook account would be frustrating for any. This is especially true for businesses that conduct the majority of their business on the platform.

Whether you already have loads of followers or are just starting out, you need to be able to engage with your customers. This is especially true if you’re running a promotion or have just launched a new product. Or you may have opted to buy 1000 Facebook likes ahead of a campaign, but now you’re unable to monitor the results.

Either way, it’s essential that you’re able to access your profile. So, if Facebook keeps logging you out, try these possible fixes.

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Cookies Or Time Limit Issue

Your internet browser uses cookies to monitor and trail the different websites you visit on the internet. You may set your session to terminate automatically after a specific time in your browser settings, causing you to log out of Facebook frequently. 

As such, you should examine the cookie configuration for the particular browser you’re using. It might be helpful to adjust your session time.

Further, when you log in to Facebook, there is a time limit, which can also cause this concern. You can solve the problem by clicking “Remember Me” when logging into your Facebook account.

Multiple Logins

You might face this issue if your Facebook account is active from multiple locations. Or there could be another person trying to log in to your Facebook account at the same time from elsewhere. 

It’s not possible to log in to an account on Facebook from several devices simultaneously. You may need a new password if it happens continuously within a short time.


Many social media sites exist, but Facebook is the most popular. In addition to connecting with people worldwide, the site also offers games, networking opportunities, business profiles, and even the ability to earn money.

Facebook is a trendy social networking site, so we spend a lot of time on it doing various things. But having your conversation logged out automatically can be pretty annoying to experience. Therefore, with the above information on hand, you should have the answer to the question, “Why does Facebook keep logging me out?”.

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