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Top 10 Benefits Of Tablet PCs

As technology evolves, more and more gadgets and gizmos are introduced to the marketplace, which makes it difficult to decide which ones are worth acquiring, and which ones are better left on retailers’ shelves.

When the tablet PC was first introduced, the longevity of it was questioned, since it’s a cross between a notebook and the traditional desktop PC, it thought by some to be a frivolous purchase.

But over the years, it’s proved that it’s a useful tool for anyone who uses either a desktop or notebook, or both.

Here’s a look at the top ten benefits of a tablet PC:

1.) It’s Portable

No matter where business or pleasure takes you, they can take a tablet PC along with you. Sure, notebooks are also portable, but they are heavier and can’t easily be held with just one hand.

Real estate agents can use a tablet for recording details when showing houses, or giving potential home buyers a peek inside other homes that are up for sale.

Students can tote it around in their school bags and capture notes quickly and with ease during classes–no more lugging around half a dozen paper notebooks.

Tablet PCs are also great for entertaining the kids on long car or plane trips; just put on a film or let them open a game, and they’ll be pleasantly quiet for a good length of time.

Not to mention the tablet pc is the ideal medium for business presentations at customer meetings

2.) It’s A Great e-Book Reader

While most electronic books can be read on nearly any electronic device, reading is better on a tablet.

It’s a lot more enjoyable to read novels when on the sofa, rather than sitting upright in a desk chair in one’s home office.

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3.) It’s Comfortable To Use

Tablets are sized to fit comfortably in one’s hands, even allowing you to hold the tablet with one hand which is great for reading or sharing the screen with others.

Some tablet PCs offer rotating screens which makes using them with another person even easier. Since it’s also lightweight, it will be a go-to device when one needs to choose between a light weight tablet or a more cumbersome notebook computer.

4.) It’s Very Functional

These portable devices make it easy to take most of what is in one’s PC with them where ever they go.

Tablet users are never more than a few taps away from writing an email, chatting on Skype or searching the Internet to get information for their next big project.

5.) It Uses A Reliable OS

Many tablets of today are using Apple’s iOS or Microsoft’s Windows 8/Windows RT as their operating system, which translates into a user experience that is familiar to those who use traditional computers at home or at work.

6.) It Has Powerful Social Networking Tools

Since they are designed to connect to the Internet, tablets have great network applications that allow connecting with family, friends and business contacts on social media sites, collaborating on projects via cloud based applications and reading or watching the latest news.

7.) It’s Affordable

There are no shortage of choices in the tablet PC market, which means that there are products of all levels for every budget.

It also costs less to support since it isn’t as fully functional as a regular desktop, and therefore fewer viruses are likely to harm the tablet.

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8.) It’s Great For Meetings

Whether the user is taking notes, recording what’s said or giving the presentation, a tablet is a useful in many situations.

There’s no need to remember a pad of paper and a pen or pre-printed notes to help give a speech–all that information can be stored on a tablet.

Users can reference past meeting notes without having to return to their office and look for them on their desktop. If the meeting brings up a question which requires an email being sent out ASAP?

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Send it off as soon as it gets typed up. For those who are ever stuck in a dull meeting, they can easily multi-task by catching up on some other work.

9.) It’s Better Than A Smartphone

While a phone may be labelled ”smart,” trying to take notes during a meeting or watching movies on it during a five-hour flight just won’t cut it on such a small device.

Tablet PCs are larger and offer a better overall user experience whether reading, writing or watching a movie.

10.) It’s A Better User Experience

Tablet PCs are larger and offer a better overall user experience whether reading, writing or watching a movie.

For those who’ve been on the fence about investing in a tablet PC, now is a great time to get one.

Tablets have never been more affordable and they’re so useful that after using them for a matter of days, owners will wonder how they ever managed without one.


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